SaaS - advantages with identify

SaaS Advantages with Identify 

Are you a sales representative of a large payment service provider where clean and secure handling of customer data is a top priority? Currently, the central storage of data is usually characterized by ineffective and lengthy processes, which can cause customer relationships to suffer. More and more companies are setting themselves the goal of optimizing this, as customer centricity is gaining immense importance.  

SaaS takes the information technology to a new level. You hear this abbreviation all the time, but not everyone knows what this exactly means. Here you can learn more about SaaS, in which areas it is applied and how SaaS solutions can comprehensively optimize everyday work.  

What is the meaning of “SaaS”? 

The term SaaS stands for “Software-as-a-Service”. It represents a subset of cloud computing. This means the connection of hardware and software via internet. SaaS is a rented software that is maintained by its developer but not hosted by them. Therefore, data is available via the cloud, which is accessible through your personal preferred web browser or mobile device.  

Where can “SaaS” be used?  

The scope of SaaS now extends far beyond email. The use of a SaaS solution includes various, much larger areas of application. Here, the focus is primarily on optimizing basic business technologies. Among other things, these include areas in sales management, customer relationship management, financial management, human resources management, accounting and collaborations.  

In particular, SaaS solutions optimize the processes of the sales, service and marketing areas. Customer information is recorded and stored centrally, enabling effective collaboration between all parties involved. The different instances of a company can access real-time data simultaneously, which enables an increased workflow to be established.  

Why should you use SaaS?  

When using a SaaS solution, you pay for the service on a cloud basis, which can be used on the existing hardware by obtaining the license. The company thus gains direct access to the licensed software and is provided with all functions free of charge. This way, you don't have to allocate internal resources to install the software. With the SaaS model, the time of work solution is reduced to weeks, days or hours compared to the traditional model.  

SaaS Solutions with Identify  

In addition to performing an AML-compliant video identification of our partner companies' customers, we also offer the Identify-as-a-Service platform. By implementing our 360° solution, we reduce the onboarding process of your customers to the minimum. With the help of identify's SaaS solution, you get access to the customer identification software. In addition, identify provides training on the functionality and AMLA areas. Identify not only enables the identification of business customers, but also offers access to all customer data using the SaaS solution.

If you would like to optimize the CRM and identification processes within your company with identify's innovative SaaS solution, please let us know. We look forward to working with you to make the future more digital and effective. 


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